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Instructors: Prof. Martin Bichler, Gregor SchwarzPaul Karänke

Workshop in WS 2017/2018

Internet-based Information Systems


The practical couse Internet-based Information Systems aims to give a brief overview over a business application creation process. The participants will learn how to construct a simple web application with help of Java and other development tools, how to store business data in relational databases, and how to incapsulate a business logic. The latter is intended to solve a specific optimization problem, e.g. an efficient allocation search or a balanced diet construction. The Gurobi java library will be used for solving the optimization problems. During the practical course the participants will form development teams in order to tackle a team project. Each team will implement a web application, which they have further to present and defend in front of the tutors.

The practical course covers the following topics:

  • Development environment: Git, Eclipse IDE, Maven

  • Databases: SQL, MySQL, Database access via JDBC

  • Web applications: HTTP, Java Servlets, Jetty

  • Integer programming with Gurobi


The event will take place in the 2nd half of the winter semester 2017/2018. Further information and documents are provided before the first date. All tutorials take place in TUM, room 01.10.036.

  1. Development environment: Git, Eclipse IDE, Maven; Databases: SQL, MySQL, Database access via JDBC 
    Date: 30. Jan. 2018 9:30 Room: 01.10.036
  2. Web applications with Java Servlets, Jetty, HTTP
    Date: 06. Feb. 2018 10:00 Room: 01.10.036
  3. Integer programming with Gurobi
    Date: 13. Feb. 2018 10:00 Room: 01.10.036
  4. Team project
    Date: 14. Feb. 2018 10:00 Room: 01.10.036
  5. Team project
    Date: 27. Feb. 2018 10:00 Room: 01.10.036
  6. Presentation of the team projects
    Date: 7. Mar. 2018 10:00 Room: 01.10.036

Presentation date: 

  • 07. Mar. 2018

Further Information: 

Working hours: 10:00 - 18:00 (Room 01.10.036)


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