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Master Seminar in Data Mining. It is planned for the participants to participate in teams in an international data mining cup. It is expected that there are 4 meetings in which the teams report their status; at the end there will be a written report.

The preliminary meeting will take place on Friday, 22.02.2019 at 1:30pm (13:30) in Room 01.10.033. It is mandatory to attend.

Applicants shall send a short E-Mail to Paul Sutterer. This should include:

- 1-3 sentences about the applicants motivation to participate

- 2-3 sentences about the qualification for the seminar (e.g. participation in the Business Analytics class, the data mining cup (grade?),...)

- Attachment: Transcript of Records (Master)

- Attachment: (optional) CV


The registration will be done via the matching tool. The corresponding link will be published around the 08.02. Registration will be open between 08.02. and 13.02. Matching results will be published on the matching platform on the 20.02. In case someone wants to deregister, this is only possible until the 25.02., after the student will fail the course with 5.0. 


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