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Sören Merting, M.Sc.

Contact Information

E-Mail:  soeren.merting[at]in.tum.de
Phone:  +49 (0) 89 289-17530
Office Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching, Germany


Hours: by arrangement

Short Bio 

  • since 2015   Research Associate at the Chair for Decision Sciences & Systems (DSS), TU Munich
  • 2012 - 2015 Student Assistant at the Chair Diskrete Mathematik & Grundlagen der Informatik (LSDGI), BTU Cottbus
  • 2013 - 2015 M.Sc Angewandte Mathematik, BTU Cottbus
  • 2011 - 2013 B.Sc Wirtschaftsmathematik, BTU Cottbus


M. Bichler, S. Merting, and A. Uzunoglu. Matching with bundle preferences: Tradeoff between fairness and truthfulness. In T. Ludwig and V. Pipek, editors, Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik, pages 378 – 392. Universität Siegen, 2019.

P. Knoepfle, J. Knoerr, and S. Merting. Online auctions with dual-threshold algorithms: An experimental study and practical evaluation. In T. Ludwig and V. Pipek, editors, Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik, pages 437 – 451. Universität Siegen, 2019.

M. Bichler and S. Merting. Truthfulness in advertising? approximation mechanisms for knapsack bidders. European Journal of Operational Research, 270(2):775 – 783, 2018. [ DOI | link ]

M. Bichler, S. Merting, and A. Uzunoglu. Assigning course schedules: About preference elicitation, fairness, and truthfulness. CoRR, abs/1812.02630, 2018. [ arXiv | link ]

M. Strehler, S. Merting, and C. Schwan. Energy-efficient shortest routes for electric and hybrid vehicles. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 103(Supplement C):111 – 135, 2017. Green Urban Transportation. [ DOI | http ]

S. Merting, P. Karaenke, and M. Bichler. Strategy-Proof Assignment of Bundles with Ordinal Preferences: An Application in Retail Logistics. In V. Nissen, D. Stelzer, S. Straßburger, and D. Fischer, editors, Multikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik (MKWI) 2016: Band I, pages 205–216. Universitätsverlag Ilmenau, 2016. [ pdf ]

S. Merting, C. Schwan, and M. Strehler. Routing of Electric Vehicles: Constrained Shortest Path Problems with Resource Recovering Nodes. In G. Italiano and M. Schmidt, editors, 15th Workshop on Algorithmic Approaches for Transportation Modelling, Optimization, and Systems (ATMOS 2015), volume 48 of OpenAccess Series in Informatics (OASIcs), pages 29–41, Dagstuhl, Germany, 2015. Schloss Dagstuhl–Leibniz-Zentrum fuer Informatik. [ link ]


  • Assignment of Course Schedules (14. International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik, Siegen, Germany, 02/2019)
  • Course Assignment with Complementarities About Preference Elicitation, Fairness, and Truthfulness (International Conference on Operations Research, Brussels, Belgium, 09/2018)
  • Course Assignment with Complementarities: The Trade-Off between Envy-Freeness and Obvious Strategy-proofness (Matching in Practice, Cologne, Germany, 03/2018)
  • Strategy-Proof Assignment of Bundles: An Application in Retail Logistics  (MKWI 2016, Ilmenau, Germany, 03/2016)
  • Routing of Electric Vehicles: Constrained Shortest Path Problems with Resource Recovering Nodes (ALGO 2015, Patras, Grece, 09/2015)



Student Projects

  • Bachelor Thesis: Implementation and Performance Analysis of Stable Matching with Preferences over Bundles, Moritz Mülke, 2018.
  • Guided ResearchOnline Auctions with Dual-Threshold Algorithms: An Experimental Study and Practical Evaluation, Philipp Knöpfle, Johannes Knörr, 2018.
  • MasterThesis: Analysis of Algorithms for Matchings with Bundled Preferences, Aykut Uzunoglu, 2017.
  • MasterThesis: Mechanisms for Stable Matchings with Complementarities, Gregor Schwarz, 2017.
  • Bachelor Thesis: Modelling and Simulation of Optimal Human Ressource Planning in Legal Departments, Maternus Herold, 2017.
  • Bachelor Thesis: Rounding Methods for Integer Programming Problems, Peter Pfrommer, 2017.
  • Interdisciplinary Project: Course Allocation with Bundled Preferences, Aykut Uzunoglu, 2016.
  • Bachelor Thesis: Optimization of the Supply for Branches of a Supermarket chain - A Theoretical and Empirical Comparision of Different Models, Armin Hörtreiter, 2016.
  • Bachelor Thesis: Implementation and Performance Analysis of the MAXCU-Algorithm for Matchings with Complementarities, Kevin D. Falkenstein, 2016.
  • Master Thesis: Building Lotteries on Matchings with Complementarities, Martin Rauch, 2016.
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