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Maximilian Fichtl

Department of Informatics (I18)
Technical University of Munich
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Room 01.10.058
Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 München, Germany 
Phone: +49 (0) 89 289 - 17528
Hours: by arrangement


Short Bio


  • Since 5/2019 AdONE associated researcher, TUM
  • Since 2018: PhD student at the Chair for Decision Sciences and Systems, TUM
  • 2014-2017: Graduation as Master of Science in Mathematics, TUM
  • 2011-2014: Undergraduate studies in Mathematics (Topmath) with minor Computer Science, TUM


  • Study Award 2014 for excellent study performance

Working Papers

  • Baldwin, E, Bichler, M, Fichtl, M, Klemperer, P. Strong Substitutes: Structural Properties, and a New Algorithm for Competitive Equilibrium Prices.
  • Fichtl, M. Computing Candidate Prices in Budget-Constrained Product-Mix Auctions. [pdf]
  • Bichler, M, Batziou E, Fichtl M. Competitive Equilibria in Two-Sided Matching Markets with Budget Constraints: Are Markets Efficient?
  • Fichtl, M, Oberlechner, M, Bichler, M. Computing Bayes Nash Equilibria in Auction Games via Simultaneous Online Mirror Ascent. [pdf]

Journal Publications

  • Fichtl, M. On the Expressiveness of Assignment Messages. Economics Letters, 2021.  [linkarXiv]
  • Bichler, M, Fichtl, M, Heidekrüger, S, Kohring, N, Sutterer, P. Learning equilibria in symmetric auction games using artificial neural networks. Nature Machine Intelligence, (3), 2021. [link | pdf]
  • Bichler, M, Fichtl, M, Schwarz, G. Walrasian equilibria from an optimization perspective: A guide to the literature. Naval Research Logistics. 2020; 1 – 18. [link]


SS 18:


Student Projects

  • Bachelor Thesis: Computation of a Home Office Plan, Daniel Anderson, 2021
  • Bachelor Thesis: Developing A Visualizer for the Simplex Method, Ilias Sulgin, 2021
  • Bachelor Thesis: Approximation and the Competitive Equilibrium in Indivisible Fisher Markets, Peter Pfrommer, 2021
  • Bachelor Thesis: Experimental Evaluation of Submodular Flow Algorithms, Giuliano Gaub, 2020
  • Bachelor Thesis: Algorithmen zur Maximierung Submodularer Funktionen, Yongli Huang, 2020
  • Bachelor Thesis: Computing equilibrium prices in Fisher Markets, Hasan Postoglu, 2019
  • Bachelor Thesis: Computing bids for product-mix auctions, Patrick Ennemoser, 2019




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