Decision Sciences & Systems
Technical University of Munich
Contact information for our staff members. Please note that the given phone numbers are just university-internal extension numbers. For calls from outside of the university, please call +49 (0) 89 289 - X (replace X by the five digit extension number given below).
Martin Bichler, Univ.-Prof. Dr., Head of Unit bichlerzzin.tum.de 01.10.061 17500 bichler1 small
Felix Brandt, Univ.-Prof. Dr. brandtfzzin.tum.de 01.10.037 17512 brandt small


Scientific StaffEmailRoomPhone 
Eleni Batziou eleni.batziouzztum.de 01.10.054 17532  icn tum user
Martin Bullinger martin.bullingerzzin.tum.de 01.10.040 17537 Homepage_large.jpg
Maximilian Fichtl, M.Sc. max.fichtlzztum.de 01.10.058 17528 icn tum user
Stefan Heidekrüger


01.10.053 17508  icn tum user
Paul Karänke, Dr. karaenkezzin.tum.de 01.10.057 17504 karaenke
Nils Kohring nils.kohringzzin.tum.de 01.10.055 17506 icn tum user
Johannes Knörr knoerrzzin.tum.de 01.10.053 17508 D20 593 01
Patrick Lederer ledererpzzin.tum.de 01.10.036 17538  icn tum user
Richard Littmann, M.Sc. littmannzzin.tum.de 01.10.053 17508 icn tum user
Felipe Maldonado, Dr.  felipe.maldonadozzin.tum.de 01.10.056 17530 icn tum user
Matthias Oberlechner matthias.oberlechnerzztum.de 01.10.054 17532 icn tum user
Christian Saile sailezzin.tum.de 01.10.040 17537 saile informal
Gregor Schwarz, M.Sc. schwarzgzzin.tum.de 01.10.058 17528 schwarz small
Christian Stricker, M.Sc. strickerzzin.tum.de 01.10.039 17514 icn tum user
Paul Sutterer, M.Sc. paul.suttererzztum.de 01.10.055 17507 18831 4207 hochFormat
Donghao Zhu Donghao.Zhuzzin.tum.de 01.10.053 17508 icn tum user

IT-Services and SupportEmailRoomPhone 
Oliver Jacksch jackschzzin.tum.de 01.10.060 17526 jacksch


Dr. Haris Aziz Gian-Marco Kokott Dr. Stefan Schneider
Dr. Reinhard Brandl Dr. Christine Kiss Prof. Dr. Thomas Setzer
Dr. Florian Brandl Dr. Christian Markl Dr. Pasha Shabalin
Prof. Dr. Markus Brill Dr. Sören Merting Dr. Benjamin Speitkamp
Dr. Salman Fadaei Dr. Stefan Karl Mayer Dr. Alexander Stage
Dr. Vladimir Fux Prof. Dr. Adrian Paschke Dr. Stefan Waldherr
Dr. Christian Geist Dr. Ioannis Petrakis Dr. Anaëlle Wilczynski
Dr. Andor Goetzendorff Dr. Alexander Pikovsky Dr. Jürgen Wolf
Zhen Hao Dipl.-Math. Dr. Per Paulsen Dr. Adreas Wolke
Dr. Paul Harrenstein Dr. Evangelia Pyrga Dr. Georg Ziegler
Dr. Johannes Hofbauer Dr. Tobias Scheffel Dr. Hans Georg Seedig
Dr. Oliver Hühn    
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