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The Technical University of Munich (Germany) is looking for PhD students and post-docs working on randomized collective choice (supervised by Prof. Felix Brandt).

Randomized collective choice is gaining increasing attention in economics and computer science and has many applications in special domains of interest such as voting, matching, and allocation. The project aims at a better understanding of the axiomatic properties of randomized social choice functions using classical analytical tools from mathematics as well as computer-aided techniques including SAT solving, mixed integer programming, and computer simulations. Further research questions include under which conditions randomization is acceptable, how to define preferences over lotteries, and how to implement randomized mechanisms using dynamic processes or cryptographic protocols. Please see here for the group’s previous research.

Applicants for the PhD position should hold a Master’s degree in computer science, mathematics, or economics, and may obtain a PhD degree in either computer science or mathematics. Applicants for the post-doc position should hold a PhD degree in one of the mentioned disciplines. Starting dates and durations of appointments are negotiable.

Prospective candidates should have the ability to work rigorously on well-defined problems and be enthusiastic about being involved in a new and dynamic area of research. They will assist in teaching courses on Algorithmic Game Theory and/or Computational Social Choice. Salary (for both PhD students and post-docs) is according to German tariff E13 and will be around 45k Euro per year. TUM is an international top university and host to the most acclaimed computer science department in Germany. Munich is repeatedly ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world [12, 3].

Applications should be submitted by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using the subject line “CCL” (Collective Choice Lotteries).

Please enclose a curriculum vitae including a complete list of publications and a sample publication (e.g., a Master’s thesis).

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