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Optimization and Market Design
(BSc or MSc thesis)
various topics

Prof. Martin Bichler

Computational Social Choice and Algorithmic Game Theory various topics (having attended one of the courses "Computational Social Choice" or "Algorithmic Game Theory" or seminars "Multiagent Systems" or "Economics & Computation" is recommended)

Prof. Felix Brandt

Approximate Competitive Equilibrium from Equal Incomes Analysis, implementation, and simulation of approximate competitive equilibrium from equal incomes (CEEI) mechanism variants for combinatorial assignment problems. Comparison with alternative mechanisms. Dr. Paul Karänke
Approximation techniques for multi-unit combinatorial auctions Comparison of different approximation mechanisms for mult-unit combinatorial auctions. Investigation of an application of these approches for truthful mechanism design via linear programming. Evaluation of the empirical computational hardness.

Dr. Paul Karänke

Spectrum Auctions We are currently developing a platform to simulate bidding behavior in specific spectrum auctions such as the Canadian Spectrum Auctions. Topics vary. (Required: Plebis/Operations Research. Recommended: Auction Theory and Market Design.) Andor Goetzendorff
Real-Time Bidding Ad Exchanges Development of forecasting and pricing models for Ad Exchanges. (Required: Business Analytics. Recommended: Auction Theory and Market Design) Andor Goetzendorff
Combinatorial exchanges for fishery market Design of a combinatorial exchange for existing fishery market for efficient licenses reallocation. Implementation of different allocation rules and payments. Several research directions: 1) anonymous pricing, 2) subsidy use.  Required: Java, recommended: auction theory. Further information here

Optimization and Market Design
(BSc or MSc thesis)

various topics

  • Solving Optimisation problems with help of Liniar/Quadratic/Integer Programming (Modeling,  Implementation, Analysis (BSc))
  • Combine applied Graph-theoretic problems with questions in Market Design (MSc)
Sören Merting
OR, Scheduling various topics (required: Plebis/OR, good understanding of discrete maths and combinatorial optimization) Dr. Stefan Waldherr
Truthful Mechanism Design Design of truthful mechanisms for various domains (required: Basics in Game Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorial Optimization, Approximation Algorithms) Dr. Stefan Waldherr
Matching Agorithms for Course Assignments We are looking for a student to augment the TUM matching system (http://docmatching.in.tum.de/) by implemting and testing new matching algorithms. (required: good programming and software engineering skills, basics in discrete maths / combinatorial optimization) Dr. Stefan Waldherr

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