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If you are interested in a particular topic for a Bachelor or Master thesis, please either contact the corresponding person from the list below. If you are interested in writing a thesis on another (non-listed) topic within the scope of our group or you want to participate in guided research or an interdisciplinary project, write an email to Stefan Waldherr. Please state your skills and interests and also attach a current CV and a recent grade report.

Optimization and Market Design
(BSc or MSc thesis)
various topics

Prof. Martin Bichler

Computational Social Choice and Algorithmic Game Theory various topics (having attended one of the courses "Computational Social Choice" or "Algorithmic Game Theory" or seminars "Multiagent Systems" or "Economics & Computation" is recommended)

Prof. Felix Brandt

Approximate Competitive Equilibrium from Equal Incomes Analysis, implementation, and simulation of approximate competitive equilibrium from equal incomes (CEEI) mechanism variants for combinatorial assignment problems. Comparison with alternative mechanisms. Dr. Paul Karänke
Approximation techniques for multi-unit combinatorial auctions Comparison of different approximation mechanisms for mult-unit combinatorial auctions. Investigation of an application of these approches for truthful mechanism design via linear programming. Evaluation of the empirical computational hardness.

Dr. Paul Karänke

Stable Matching with Bundle Preferences (MSc,BSc) We consider a generalization of the stable matching problem where students have preferences over bundles of courses, while the course organizer have preferences or priorities over the single students.  We want to anlyze, implement and simulate existing mechanisms for this problem (required: PLEBIS, discrete maths; for MSc: Auction Theory) Sören Merting
OR, Matching Various topics (required: Plebis,discrete maths) Sören Merting
Dynamic and online Mechanisms Analysis and implementation of appropriate dynamic and online mechanism to solve an online display ad setting. Here, bidders bid on items in multiple, sequentially performed, second price auctions. Also, bidders are limited by budget constraints. Paul Sutterer
Comparison and Evaluation of Taxi Sharing Mechanisms Based on real data from the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission, we want to compare approaches for matching taxi riders in order to minimize overall driving distance (required: programming skills, Plebis) Dr. Stefan Waldherr
Combinatorial Exchanges for load balancing in the smart grid We want to analyze an exchange markets in which participants aim to either consume or produce energy (thus either want to buy or sell energy in the market) in order to ensure continuous load balancing of supply and demand in the smart grid. We aim at extending the work on single-sided auctions in order to design and analyze these combinatorial exchanges. (required: plebis / auction theory, discrete maths) Dr. Stefan Waldherr
Combinatorial Markets Various Topics, either theoretical or applied Dr. Stefan Waldherr
OR, Scheduling Various topics (required: Plebis/OR, good understanding of discrete maths and combinatorial optimization) Dr. Stefan Waldherr

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