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Instructors: Prof. Martin Bichler, Gregor SchwarzPaul Karänke

Workshop in WS 2017/2018

Internet-based Information Systems


The workshop aims to give a brief overview of business application creation process. The participants will learn how to construct a simple web application with the help of Java and modern development tools, how to store business data in relational databases, and how to incapsulate a business logic. The latter is intended to solve a specific optimization problem, e.g. efficient allocation search or balanced diet construction. The Gurobi java library will be used for solving the optimization problems. During the workshop, the participants will form development teams in order to tackle a team project. Each team will implement a web application, which they have further to present and defend in front of the tutors.

The workshop covers the following topics:

  • Development environment: Eclipse IDE, Maven, SVN

  • Databases: SQL, MySQL, Database access via JDBC

  • Web applications basics

  • Integer programming with Gurobi


The event will take place in the 2nd half of the winter semester 2017/2018. Further information and documents are provided before the first date. All tutorials take place in TUM, room 01.10.036.

  1. Development environment: Eclipse IDE, Maven; Databases: SQL, MySQL, Database access via JDBC 
    Date: 30. Jan. 2018 9:30 Room: 01.10.036
  2. Web applications with Java Servlets, Jetty and Apache Tomcat-Server, HTTP
    Date: 06. Feb. 2018 9:30 Room: 01.10.036
  3. Integer programming with Gurobi
    Date: 13. Feb. 2018 9:30 Room: 01.10.036
  4. Team project
    Date: 14. Feb. 2018 9:30 Room: 01.10.036
  5. Team project
    Date: 27. Feb. 2018 9:30 Room: 01.10.036
  6. Presentation of the team projects
    Date: 7. Mar. 2018 9:30 Room: 01.10.036


Presentation date: 

  • 07. Mar. 2018

Further Information: 

Working hours: 9:30 - 18:00 (Room 01.10.036)


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