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I hold a postdoc position in Decision Sciences and Systems group since December 2014. There I focus my studies on combinatorial exchanges design for fishery markets. We are interested in constructing an auction mechanism which satisfies certain set of requirements dictated by market features.

I got my PhD in 2014 in Telecom Bretagne (Institut Mines-Télécom), France. My thesis is on "Optimization of load repartition in heterogeneous networks". There I studied a number of questions involving game theoretical analysis, mostly connected to communication area. Some examples of the topics are Internet providers competition, rating-based systems for mobile customers and vehicular networks location.

In 2011 I graduated from the Saint-Petersburg State University as a specialist in Applied Mathematics and Infromatics. My thesis was devoted to sampling algorithms application for searching community structure in web graphs. Patrially it was done during an internship in Maestro team of INRIA, March 2011- June 2011.

Selected Academic Activities 

  • Politecnico di Milano

         September - November 2014 

Visiting PhD student

Selected Publications

  1. M. Bichler, V. Fux, and J. Goeree. Linear pricing in large-scale combinatorial exchanges (under submission to ISR journal) 2016
  2. M. Bichler, V. Fux, and J. Goeree. Linear payment rules for combinatorial exchanges. In International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2016), Dublin, 2016.
  3. V. Fux, Game-theory approaches to study and influence interactions among self-interested agents in wireless networks, thesis, 2014 
  4. V. Fux, P. Maillé, M. Cesana Road-Side Units Operators in Competition: a Game-Theoretical Approach, Computer Networks journal 
  5. V. Fux, RSU deployment problem: unfair and aggressive competition with help of interference, NetGCoop 2014 
  6. V. Fux, P. Maillé, M. Cesana Price Competition between Road Side Units Operators in Vehicular Networks, IFIP Networking 2014 
  7. V. Fux, P. Maillé Incentivizing efficient load repartition in heterogeneous wireless networks with selfish delay-sensitive users, ICQT 2013 (associatied workshop of CNSM 2013) 
  8. V. Fux, P. Maillé, J.-M. Bonnin, K. Naci Efficiency or fairness: Managing applications with different delay sensitivities in heterogeneous wireless networks, WOWMOM 2013 
  9. V. Fux, P. Maillé A rating-based network selection game in heterogeneous systems, NGI 2012 
  10. Fuchs V.V., Petrov R.A. Feature extraction for news classification with use of SVM, The XLII annual international conference Control Processes and Stability (CPS'11)



  • Saint-Petersburg State University 


Specialist, Applied Mathematics and Informatics Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes

  • Telecom-Bretagne


Ph.D. in Informatics Network, Security and Multimedia department

Thesis: Optimisation of load repartition in heterogeneous networks

Research Interests 

  • Optimization, MIP, heuristics
  • Market Design
  • Combinatorial Exchanges
  • Game theory applications to telecommunications
  • Pricing and regulations in networking
  • Web graphs
  • Wireless networks


  • Lingstädt C., bachelor thesis "Combinatorial exchanges: pricing and computational complexity", 2015
  • Schuppe M., master thesis "Evaluating the influence of Data Preprocessing on the Performance of Classification Techniques", 2015
  • Guinard C., master thesis "Audience extension in the context of online retargeting", 2015
  • Wagner A., bachelor thesis "Optimization in Combinatoria Exchanges using Benders' Cuts", 2016
  • Schaal D., master thesis "Classifier Comparison using a hybrid data mining approach", 2016


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